Brand milestones

Overseas Chinese town, Shenzhen, China's first quartz wristwatch was born in tempo, since entering China's watch industry "tempo era", Shenzhen, Shenzhen Museum tempo table as the first permanent collection of watch brands.

1983 Tempo table with stylish, accurate and exquisite advantages, with annual sales in the industry title

Tempo table pioneered the "irresistible temptations" brand advertising, became the classic era of the industry may not be copied.
Tempo first table clock distribution system, set up sales outlets across the country, major brands have long used the system.

1985 Tempo table new listing in Shanghai has created a product not listed will have purchased the myth.

Tempo table first watch industry exhibition marketing, advocates held the first "Shenzhen timepieces trade fair" (now the largest watch exhibition--Shenzhen, China Watch fair).

1989 1988-1990 tempo table for three consecutive years won the domestic commerce, best-selling domestic product issued by the Ministry of trade, "Golden Bridge Award", the prize after strict Declaration, verification, audit, evaluation, publicity, reviews, which is one of the highest honor of the brand.

Tempo table sponsor "the 11th Beijing Asian Games" to the wishes of the Chinese delegation, and the tempo of gold table encouragement.


Tempo first table clock distribution system, set up sales outlets across the country, major brands have long used the system.

1995 Tempo table to create the annual sales in the industry's excellent record of winning 12 consecutive years.
Tempo table launched a "modern classic", "romantic", "timeless classic" three series, continue to pursue the perfect tempo table in the domestic watch industry, set off a revolution in the consumer consciousness and aesthetic concepts.
2002 Tempo table won the "industry sales of leading brands" and other honors.
2004 Tempo table was awarded "China top ten watch brands" award.
2006 Tempo table won the "customer satisfaction first brand" award.

Hapro watches limited was founded in Shenzhen City, with a strong, advanced concepts, professional management to create a full story of the brand.

2009 Tempo table to "return of the King" of power in a stunning debut on the Shenzhen international exhibition of clocks, in order to create "world-class watch brand of the Chinese nation," responsibility, "as time goes by, color is still" brand advocate, promoting the national spirit and tempo table "take the lead," the spirit of the brand philosophy.

Homeopathy for tempo table, January 26, 2011, listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange, formally entered the international brand marks the hapro table.


Tempo table to bide our time, spanning more than 30 years of the century the temptation, witness the famous movie star-Mr Yong Hou as brand spokesperson, to enhance the brand image.

2013 Tempo table "take the lead", produced China's first smart-watch-T-Watch, and started sales in business mode, marked tempo entered the era of intelligent
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