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1. Copyright all the patterns, images, audio files, and in the selection and arrangement of information, including all the information in this website and/or copyright ownership are belong to the "ba table" brand. In don't delete or change any copyright, trademark and other proprietary statement under the premise of you can download the individual page or material or printing. This license is limited to information purposes. Is strictly prohibited without official permission to all or part of the content of reproduction, dissemination, change, links, or any act for the public or commercial purpose. Ba watch brand in the website released all of the information and data is only used to show the brand image or brand spread information.

2. The trademark
Unless special instructions, including but not limited to, the trademark, name of TIANBA TIANBA trademarks are protected by the ba watch brand ownership, without the permission of the is strictly prohibited in any way for other goods as the name, which may cause confusion for consumers, harm or violate the rights and interests of ba watch brand.

3. Liability clause:
no guarantee or statement Ba watch brand is responsible for providing all content on this site, site content: namely, information, products and activities in order to "guarantee" as the basic principle, no express or implied warranty of any kind or statement.
Within the legal constraints of maximum, ba watch brand for such statement or guarantee free of responsible, including applicable to commercial or a particular purpose. In addition, ba watch brand no statement or guarantee the accuracy of the information on this web site, reliability, integrity, and immediacy.
In any case, ba watch brands are not for use, access or use the information provided by the and/or products, and be liable for any loss caused by use of the site.
Including any direct, indirect, incidental, or the loss of causality, data loss, loss of profit, loss penalty and/or any third party claim.

4. The product information
This website to show all the product is obtainable in all ba list brand designated dealer. Ba watch brand to on the website is accurate, shape and color of the product are showed and you now see the color of the mainly depends on your monitor, therefore with the actual products may be accurate.

5. Security and privacy
 Except as otherwise expressly disclaims or websites in the following circumstances, when you are browsing the web site, the ba brand will not collect your personal information.
If you submit feedback via E-mail information, problem, or to understand information related to site and contact us, we will ask you to provide your name and email address. We need this information to reply to your enquiry and may be used for marketing purposes.
When you attend brand activities, we may require you to provide the name, address and E-mail address, so that the management game and notify winners. We may also use this type of information for marketing purposes.
Ba table brand promise without written permission, will not share with third parties, to rent or provide any personal information. More information sent to the website, information, advice, ideas or comments will not be as confidential and proprietary or confidential business information processing, submit such information means that you agree to grant ba list brand irrevocable and unlimited license, allowing for any purpose to use, modify, copy, distribute, display, and release of such information. Unless under the restriction of the law, as without your written consent, ba watch brand will not such information, data, Suggestions, ideas or opinions of using your name.

6.Links to
may contain relevant information with a third party or Internet links. Ba watch brand will not such third party is responsible for the relevant information and/or products. In addition, ba list brand to other site contains information and/or product is not knowledge, not for such information and/or product, and the third party web site privacy undertake any responsibility.

7. Change
Ba watch brand retained in any way at any time, for any reason to change the content of website, without notice in advance, and shall not be responsible for the consequences of the content change.

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